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DONGGUAN HUAMAO SHOUBAN TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTDDevelopment, design and production of large hand board Enterprises

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High efficiency and efficient production quality4 advantages of Chinachem Technology Board

Making the most perfect product
with the most rigorous process

Dongguan Huamao Shouban Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2007 , adhering to the "fast, making access to creativity, the perfect" business philosophy, after many years of pioneering and innovative, has become the R & D, design, production of large enterprises board.

material: 重庆体彩网 color - Black - flame retardant ABS, POM (Sai Gang), PC, bakelite, PMMA (acrylic), PEEK, PBT, PP, PPS (FR-4 plate, plastic king), Aluminum Alloy, copper, magnesium alloy, gypsum

Firm production and technology research
and development ability, strong strength

our factory now has large CNC machining center, three SLA重庆体彩网 and multiple vacuum batch casting and re molding machines. Our factory has a batch of backbone technicians and production personnel

The is arranged in the business department, production department, development department, engineering department, QC department, operation Department, the Ministry of machine manual, injector screen printing department, mold department, material control department, strength, exquisite technology

The quality of the international quality
management system to make the gold quality

has rich experience and unique level for all kinds of home appliances, toys, sports equipment, medical devices, mobile phone and other metals and non-metallic products. Its customers are distributed in Europe, America, Japan and Korea, and China's.


, at the most reasonable price and dedication, we provide all kinds of quality services such as exterior structure design, reverse engineering design, rapid modeling, vacuum batch casting and all kinds of fixture processing for all kinds of products.

Perfect after-sales service system
to enjoy five star quality service

Have a professional customer service team 重庆体彩网, visit the tracking service regularly

Quick response: 7*24 hour customer problem response service, 7*24 hour after-sales hotline service

Own professional logistics distribution team and logistics distribution special car, guarantee timely supply of

Dongguan City Golden Palm Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 2007Research and development of all kinds of metal and non-metal products, toys, sports equipment, medical equipment, mobile phones and so on


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Dongguan City Golden Palm Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, adhering to the "fast, creative, making access to the perfect" business philosophy, the?? over the years of pioneering and innovative, has developed into a set of research and development, design and production of large en...




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    The hand board model tell..
    The hand board not only has certain skill and common sense in the design and manufacture, but also has certain common sense in the link of the hand board after the completion of the production. When the hand plate is colored, it must first go through the grinding process of the whiteboard. When grinding, we should consider the smoothness of the product, whether the clearance is in place, and the traces of the adhesive cannot be exposed.
    What are the problems tha..
    Not only look at the price, but consider the variety of the hand model from the quality, the cycle and the service. It can be roughly divided into ten categories. According to different requirements of parts, physical and chemical properties, mechanical strength, dimensional accuracy, surface finish, service life and economy, different types of hand plate are formed.
    An encyclopedia of matter..
    It is necessary to pay attention to the programming of hand plate programming for trimming and punching plate. 1. to determine the base of the plate and the number plate of the material, and the direction of the thickness of the material. 2. check the position of the plate center line at the center line of the punching plate to avoid error. 3. check the edge plate of the lower plate, the concave plate insert of the upper plate and the processing allowance of the non standard punching plate. 4. the cutter's step distance should not be more than 0.4mm when finishing the convex concave plate surface and the material surface. 5. the cutting edge of the lower plate convex concave plate and the edge of the upper punching concave plate are processed to the size as the assembly reference. 6. lower plate scrap knife, to the upper and lower plate trimming block assembly to fit the good clearance, determine the position after the installation is ready to return to NC processing.
    Five problems to be consi..
    Five problems should be paid attention to in hand drawing programming in 1. first determine the thickness direction of plate number, clear benchmark, then take the number of sheet thickness, material and reference checking drawings are thick is correct 2. view DL map of each process, each process clear plate center line position, to avoid the error between the processes of plate center line is inconsistent. 3. measurements are casting blank control drawings and eat ", number plate determination of machining allowance.4. blank allowance is insufficient, need to adjust the processing surface is the relative height of the base line when necessary size related adjusting pad lug height relative size is adjusted and recorded is numerical type 5. surface finish. Tool step: the outer surface of parts: the following 0.2mm, the inner surface of parts is less than 0.4mm.


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